I am an Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics at Wichita State University, Kansas where I direct the Menon Lab. I received my PhD in Linguistics from University of Southern California in August 2016. I am also the Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Academic Advisor for Linguistics at Wichita State and an Associate Editor of the  Journal of South Asian Linguistics

My primary research area is the syntax-semantics interface. I work on a variety of empirical phenomena including, expression of degree modification, predication, and comparison, adjectival semantics and syntax, argument ellipsis, plurals and the mass/count distinction, notions of finiteness and case, and the phenomenon of closest conjunct agreement. My collaborators are Roumyana Pancheva, Andrew Simpson, Sarah Ouwayda, Arunima Chowdhury, and Alfredo Garcia Pardo. I am a member of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) and the Cognitive Science Society

In addition to my theoretical work, I work on cognitive and musical processing, in particular, pursuing the relation between music and language through a series of psycholinguistic priming experiments. On this project, I collaborate with Elsi Kaiser. I am also interested in understanding where biases in parsing language (both natural and artificial) comes from, particularly relative clause attachment biases. On this project, I collaborate with Elsi Kaiser and Felix Hao Wang. I am also a member of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) and Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS).

Apart from my theoretical and experimental work, I am interested in language documentation, language conservation, and revitalization. Along with photographer Hari Menon, I am documenting the endangered, moribund language Judeo-Malayalam spoken by about forty people in Cochin, India. Along with Hari, I am preparing a coffee table book, visually documenting the last remaining Jews of Cochin. Please check our website for more information. This project has been featured in the media recently: DNA India and the Deccan Chronicle. I am also working on making an online archive for indigenous food and language of the Potawatomi Indians of Kansas. This project will be completed by December 2017. 

At Wichita State, I co-organize the Language and Linguistics Colloquium and lead the FoodLang Brown Bag Lunch Reading Group

In an advisory role, I am the Linguistics advisor and company mentor of an early-stage startup called Subverses Inc. They are building a language learning game called Subverses Covert that helps you learn a new language through video games. I am also the advisor of TangoQA, a startup which is simplifying on-demand software testing. 

To learn more about all this, please check the links above.

You can also find my fictional alter ego here and my culinary alter ego here and here and a blog with a friend on getting in and around California without a car here. I am the faculty advisor of the Wichita English department's blog and Wichita State's Linguistics Club

My academic ancestors can be found here. My google scholar profile can be found here.


Tilford Fellowship: I have been named a Tilford Fellow (Infusing Diversity and Multicultural Learning Outcomes in the Wichita State University Curriculum) for 2018-2019. This will result in the introduction of a new course titled 'Languages and Language Attitudes in USA'. 

FASAL 8: Wichita State University is hosting FASAL 8 on March 31-April 01, 2018. Check out the program here

Menon Lab: We are currently recruiting participants for experiments. If you are interested in participating, contact either me or my research assistants William Mercer/Prabashini Siriwardana (persona@wichita.edu), Drew Colcher (dccolcher@shockers.wichita.edu). 

New Grant: Multidisciplinary Research Project Award (MURPA) for 'Investigating the Spread of Misinformation on the Web by Studying Online Sharing Behavior' (with Murtuza Jadliwala, Dept of EECS), Jan 01, 2018- June 15, 2018. 

New paper: Building Superlatives from Property Concepts, in Proceedings of Linguistic Society of America 91. 

New paper: The Standard Marker in Malayalam Encodes Comparative Semantics, in Proceedings of the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. 

News: The FoodLang reading group was featured in the Sunflower News. You can view the article online here

New Grant: University Research/Creative Projects Award (URCA) for 'Documenting the Indigenous Food and Language of the Potawatomi Indians of Kansas', Dec 1, 2016-Dec 31, 2017. 

New edited volume: Proceedings of FASAL 6 (Co-edited with Saurov Syed)

New paper: Reevaluating Standard Analyses of Comparison: The View from Malayalam, in Proceedings of FASAL 6, Mythili Menon and Saurov Syed (eds.). 

[Upcoming talks/posters]

March, 2019: Invited talk at FASAL 9, Reed College

October, 2018: University of Minnesota, Colloquium

September 03-05, 2018: Evidence for Syntactic Transfer from Language to Music (with Drew Colcher). AMLaP 2018, Berlin, Germany. 

March 23-25, 2018: A Decomposition Analysis of Color Terms in Korean (with Emily Posson). The 42nd Penn Linguistics Conference, UPenn, Pennsylvania. 

Jan 4-7, 2018: Decomposing Color Terms in Potawatomi. 92nd Linguistics Society of America Annual Meeting 2018, Salt Lake City, UT.

[Recent talks]

Nov 15-16, 2017: Documenting the Indigenous Food and Language of the Potawatomi Indians of Kansas. (with Cole Ethington). Engaged Humanities: preserving and revitalizing endangered languages and cultural heritage. Warsaw, Poland. 

Oct 20-22, 2017: The Changing of Arabic Terminology in Times of War and Displacement (with Jamillah Sleiman). WECOL 2017, Boise, Idaho. 

Oct 20-22, 2017: Measure Phrases in Spanish Spoken in Multilingual Learning Contexts (with Rachel Showstack). WECOL 2017, Boise, Idaho. 

July 31-Aug 3, 2017: Music Primes Relative Clause Completions in English. (with Krystal Iseminger). Society for Music Perception and Cognition Meeting 2017. San Diego, CA.