Linguistics at Wichita State University

We offer a Linguistics Minor at Wichita State University. There is also an option to choose Linguistics as an elective during graduate study. If you are interested in pursuing Linguistics, make an appointment to meet with me. 

There are also several opportunities to get yourself involved in Linguistics and gain some research experience. One way is to actively participate in my lab. Secondly, you can attend the 'Language and Linguistics Colloquium Series' or the FoodLang Reading Group Meetings. There are also several opportunities for research in the Spanish in Kansas project directed by Professor Rachel Showstack. The WSU Linguistics Club is a great way of getting to know other students who are doing linguistics at WSU. Lastly, you can propose an independent research study, as part of your senior thesis or M.A thesis. 

Asking for a recommendation letter

I only write recommendation letters for students who have taken a class with me or students who have worked on a research project in my lab under my supervision. I recommend following the guidelines in Leonard Cassuto's excellent piece on how to ask for a letter of recommendation (PDF) when you email me asking for a letter. 

Getting Wichita State's IRB approval for a research study

Many students who work with me on quantitative research projects need IRB approval before they can run their study. The first step in getting IRB approval is to complete your CITI certification. Please ask an undergrad RA or a graduate RA in my lab for help regarding which course to complete for the certification. The next step is to fill in the IRB application form, found on the IRB website. Locate the correct form for your purposes. Many students will be filling out the IRB Exempt Application form. In addition to this form, you will also need to create a Consent Form, according to the IRB templates provided on their website. If you are creating a survey, you will also need to send the IRB your completed survey. In addition, also create flyers for advertisement on campus, an email for recruitment, and an ad for Shocker Blast. Lastly, the IRB form needs to be signed by me, so send me all the documents when they are ready. Give yourself ample time before you want to run the study to get IRB approval. Typically, IRB approvals take 2-3 weeks, plan accordingly. 

Doing research in Linguistics

Pursuing a research project in linguistics can be a fun process if you have the right kind of resources. I have put together some reading that could help you with your own research project. 

  • Style guide for term papers in linguistics (from Thomas McFadden, pdf)
  • Some guidelines for writing papers in linguistics ( from Fritz Newmeyer, pdf)
  • Manual for papers in English linguistics (from Gunnel Tottie et al, pdf)
  • Corpus linguistics (from Nadja Nesselhauf, pdf)
  • Guidelines for writing abstracts (from Johann Rooryck and Vincent van Heuven, pdf)
  • Tips for writing conference abstracts (from Mary Bucholtz, pdf)