Vegetarian Burrito!!

I seem to be on a burrito trippage. S really loves Mexican food. He starts drooling over nachos and ahem, subway :) So, I do try to make Mexican food time and again. I love making nachos. They are so healthy when you make them at home by substituting all the right ingredients. But today, I decided to make a burrito which I've been wanting to make for a while now. You will probably have some, if not most of the items lying around in your fridge, and hey! the best part about the burrito is, if you don't have an item which I'm going to say you need, you can just skip it! Really all you need for a burrito is some tortillas, beans and some kind of filling. Here is a way to make the burrito a little bit more interesting! Ingredients Serves 2

Tortilla- 6 numbers Refried beans- 1 can (vegetarians: make sure the beans is not cooked in pork broth) Vegetable broth- 1/2 cup Hot sauce- 2 tsp Lemon- 1 Cumin- 1 tsp Minced garlic- 1 tsp Onion- 1 diced Tomato- 1 diced Jalapenos- 2 diced Cilantro- a bunch, chopped Avocado- 2 Cheese- to garnish (I used cheddar, you can use feta as well) Olives stuffed with pimiento- about 10, chopped Salt

Optional Sour cream Romaine lettuce


1. Chop onions, jalapenos, and tomato. First, we will make the guacamole. Take half of the chopped onions, half of the jalapenos, mix them together in a bowl, squeeze the lemon juice over them, season with salt and keep aside.





2. Next up, we'll make the refried beans sauce. In a pot, add the refried beans, veggie broth, hot saunce, and cumin powder. Let this warm up on Medium-low. This should take about ten minutes, the same time as the step 1 should take.  I used:







3. Now, we will make the salsa. This one is simple. Take the other half of the chopped onions, jalapenos, the diced tomatoes. Mix them up. Add chopped cilantro. Season with salt.



4. Next up, heating up the tortillas. Heat up a skillet, put the tortilla on it. It should take about a minute for each side to get warmed up.



5. Now, add the ripe avocados to the guacamole, and mash it all together. My avocados weren't so ripe (I probably put them in the fridge, which I shouldn't have!), but the riper, the better. Chop up the olives and keep aside.



6. Yippie! now it is time to make the burrito. Take a tortilla, spread the refried beans sauce in the center. Sprinkle cheese on top. Top up with guacamole, then salsa. Now, if using the romaine lettuce and sour cream, add those. Then, garnish with chopped olives. Roll it up, munch away.





Wash it all away with a glass of Pinot grigio or merlot! Cheers!




Quick burrito for lunch

Today for lunch, I had a bunch of leftover items from yesterday's lunch and dinner. None was sufficient enough by itself to satisfy my hungry belly, but voila! put together as a burrito, they were awesome! Here is what I was left with for today's lunch. 1. Vegetable pakodas photo (3)

photo (9)

If you haven't yet walked down to your nearest Trader Joe's in Los Angeles to take a look at the Indian food that is available there, you are missing out on something! There is pakoda, aloo kati rolls, butter chicken, paneer butter masala, all available in the frozen section, and some of them are not bad. For example, the vegetable pakoda. Yesterday, after a long tiring day at work, I was walking back home after getting down from the bus and I decided to pick a packet of these pakodas from my neigborhood TJs. They are easy to make. Pre heat your oven to 400F, place the pakodas in a baking sheet. Put them into the oven for about 15 minutes. They even give you a tamarind chutney to go with it. So yummy!

2. Mint Pulao

photo (10)

Mint is heavenly! It is one of my favorite herbs. I had made a trip to the Indian store in Artesia a couple of weeks ago and picked up a bunch of mint leaves. There is only so much mint chutney you can make with it, and once I saw the leaves were beginning to die, I decided to make mint pulav with it. Now as you can see, there isn't enough to munch on for lunch. It definitely had to be complimented with something else.

3. Kerala parotta

photo (2)

I know a lot of you out there are huge on Indian breads. You have all eaten your naan, kulchas, rotis, phulkas. I agree they are good. But if you have the chance to pick up some Kerala parotta from the Indian store, you will fall in love instantly and forget all the other Indian breads you have ever had. It is so good, lipsmacking good.

photo (8)

This parotta (NOT paratha) is native to Kerala, my home state. It is made with wheat flour (maida) and egg, kneaded together with water and ghee. Instant love, right?

4. Mango thokku

photo (4)

I love any kind of "thokku". It is a kind of preserve that can be made with any kind of vegetable or fruit. My favorite is tomato thokku. easy to make, easy to eat with rice and yoghurt. This mango thokku was bought from the Indian store in Artesia, but you get it pretty much in any Indian store in LA. It is accompaniment to so many of the dishes I cook.

So now you have met the key players in my quick burrito for lunch idea. This is how I did it. I made the parotta by heating a flat skillet and tossing and turning the parotta till it became done. After this, I took a generous helping of the mango thokku and applied it on the parotta.

photo (12)

Then, I added some mint pulao to it.

photo (5)

Follow this up by crumbling the vegetable pakoda.

photo (11)

Roll it up and munch away to glory.

photo (6)

photo (7)

I washed this down with a glass of cold milk. Who says milk only goes with oreo cookies? :) Happy burrito time!