Welcome and all that!

I have always wanted to blog about food, I mean who doesn't want to blog about food. It is the single most delicious part of our day to day existence. We consume food, lots of it, all kinds of it. You can even think of yourself in terms of the food you consume, for example, my (sigh) muffin top (thanks pizza!). The last year and half I blogged a little bit about food here. It was still pretty much work in progress because hey, being a graduate student living in expensive Los Angeles, I didn't have a full fledged kitchen. Well, I am still a graduate student living in expensive LA but I now have a sort of workable, bloggable kitchen (thanks marriage!). Cooking for two people instead of your own hungry belly is, I think, worth the effort of blogging. When I used to live alone, food used to be prepared in bulk. Lentil curry (dal) would easily last for 3 days in the fridge, and the microwave spoiled me to bits. This was of course not blog worthy. It was only the occasional, more effortful recipes that made it to my previous food blog. So this new blog here is from my new kitchen. Hope you enjoy making these recipes, because after all food blogging is all about sharing, creating new delicious, yummilicious food, and keeping your tummy happy. Looking forward to an exciting journey through the world of food.