Homemade dosas (Rice Pancake)

I am a dosa lover. I have grown up eating huge dosas, called as paper dosas back in South India. They are huge. Like this: photo (2)


Dosas are made from a rice batter. At home, my dad makes this batter on a Sunday and it lasts for a week. We have a mixer which helps make this batter. Everyday morning for breakfast, he used to make me these gorgeous looking dosas. So delicious.

In LA, you do get dosas at some Indian restaurants- such as Mayura Amrit, Culver City and India Sweets and Spices (ISS), Glendale. The ISS also has frozen dosa batter as well as fresh dosa batter. Their fresh batter is pretty decent, but I don't live near Glendale and you can't really make that commute often to get the batter. So, I decided to start making my own batter at home. This is pretty simple enough if you have a food processor.


Rice flour- 1 cup Urad dal- 1 cup Water- 4 cups Salt


1. Soak the urad dal in 2 cups water overnight.



2. Soak the rice flour in 2 cups water overnight. 3. Once the urad dal has been soaked overnight, put it in the food processor and make a smooth paste.

photo (3)


4. Mix the smooth paste with the soaked rice flour. Add salt.

photo (1)


There you go- dosa batter is ready!

To make dosas

1. Make sure the batter is at room temperature. 2. Heat a flat iron skillet, sprinkle some cooking oil and smoothen it out on the flat surface. 3. Take the batter in a round bottom spoon, and pour it in the middle of the skillet. With rolling motion, spread it out concentrically. 4. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes till the bottom becomes brown and crisp. 5. Flip it over using a flat spoon and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. 6. Serve hot with pickle, and cilantro chutney.

photo (2)