First rain

2013-14 was a bad rainy season, with a very dry December, January, and February. So when we got our first big storm of the season in March, I had to get out on the streets and experience the freshness. Off to the Colorado bridge, then. With views of the San Gabriel mountains to the northeast, the Rose Bowl to the north, and the Arroyo Seco watershed to the south, it is one of the prettiest locations in the LA area. The bridge is across the Arroyo Seco, just west of Old Town Pasadena. Many LA Metro lines serve this area: lines 180, 181, 256 and 780 stop at (or near) the intersection of Colorado Blvd. and Orange Grove Ave., as does the Pasadena ARTS Route 10. Another option is to take the Gold Line to Memorial Park, and walk through Old Town Pasadena, past Norton Simon Museum, through Carmelita Gardens west of Orange Grove Ave., and to the bridge. Or hop on a bike, and ride around the beautiful Rose Bowl and all the way down to South Pasadena on Arroyo Blvd.

Arroyo Seco is "dry stream" in Spanish - it is a torrent today

Walking on the Colorado bridge, the rain is heavy and horizontal. Another person is walking on the bridge, towards me. There is no room for two umbrellas on the narrow sidewalk. Both of us lower our umbrellas at the same time. We get drenched in two seconds, but it seems like both of us were already soaked anyway.

"Glad I'm not the only one crazy enough to be out here."

"No, how can you miss the first rain of the year?"

"I know, it is so beautiful."

"Yeah, it is."

"I'm miserable, but happy!"

"I'm just happy :)"



*And we put our umbrellas up*

Down below the bridge now, dodging the spray from cars going through puddles. Linda Vista bridge, with its own history. It must have been fun being a student at Caltech and blowing up bridges with TNT.

Barrier on Linda Vista bridge

South on Arroyo Blvd., back under the Colorado bridge, and to the Lower Arroyo Seco Nature park.

Under the Colorado bridge

Lower Arroyo Park (No bicycles allowed!) is home to the Pasadena Roving Archers and the Pasadena Casting Club. Sticking a hook into a fish, dragging it out of the water, and then cooking it or perhaps releasing it—none of this is all that appealing to me. On this rainy day, though, there are no arrows flying or anglers fly-fishing.


Mallards in the casting pond

Rain or shine, people have to be wedded.

Wet wedding in the park

It is possible to follow the Arroyo Seco trail and the Arroyo Seco river all the way down to South Pasadena or Highland Park, and connect to the Gold Line there, but too cold for that now. Quick trip on the 180 to Eagle Rock for some phở to round off an excellent day.