Misc. 1.You give of me In subtle tones Passionately colouring your soul. Before black and white Now the colour of my heart.

Misc. 2. Centuries have passed, in memories of you Strange now it feels Of lives in remembrance forty tiresome years of searching for the taste of nectar Symphonies of pain, fading out in sorrow.

Misc. 3. Packs are jumbled, Odds levelled. In this mighty ocean, A small grain of dust Meets another small grain and there is a thunderstorm.

Misc. 4. A single word remain on my lips Accept it as your own and give it a language A new one, born of your blood and soul Let the new language be your dreams and my hopes Let the language be you and the word me.

Misc. 5. Inside your cocoon I reside Warm in the love of your broken heart, Trapped in your web without wings to fly My face, a shadow of your flightless soul.