There are many footprints buried in the sand I have tried to trace in the last one month. They all lead to a single place I call home. It is here I learnt many things, I learnt to love, lose, rediscover, forget, fight, laugh, weep, and encounter death. on love.

it comes and goes,

takes away a part of me,

engulfs me, devours

every active living molecule

renders me lifeless.

on loss.

grave emptiness,

vast spaces, a little

alike to drowning.

on rediscovery.

the joy of finding

a lost letter,

a birthday gift

or just, a dry flower

in between old, rusty notebooks.

on forgetting.

eroded memories

satiates the pain and the illusion

dawns of revival

baggages left behind,

clothes are burned

happiness is sought

in moving on.

on fights.

heavy clamoring,

heated tempers

a few pillows strewn

coarse voices, angry faces

when it all dies down,

there is peace.

on laughing.

anecdotes from childhood,

memories woven in school

old friends, tales of blunders

good times live on as tales

encountered across generations

passed on to the timeless bounty

of happiness.

on weeping.

dark, grey rain clouds

clambering up the alley

heavy, lush rain

pouring down the sheets of sand

the grains trickle away,

the dirt, the grime, the pain.

on death.

the non-existence of being.

our journey commences

from the birthing time,

inexplicable, incorrigible

the ultimate reality

it appeases all emotions,

numbs loss, fights, tears

nulls rediscovery, love, laughter.

in the end,

it's all binary.