The unseen whip

Time strikes the whip unseenWith no mercy shown Or no remorse borne Out of the living serene.

Ruthless the lash Once unleashed To sorrows bequeathed Fails on a flash.

Consumes the core Devoid of being Yearning fr(/l)eeing Languidly ignore.

Sorrows telltale Ambivalent retentions Constructed on pretentions Eluding timescale.

Remembrance portrays A deficit mourned In silence scorned And an epoch betrays.

The living linger Almost involuntarily A life unworthily Fading in wither.

Banal the cry Aching the soul’s purgatory Searching for a fortiori Within a respite sigh.

Surrender the munity To become elated again For even the wren Knows life’s fleeting unity.

Tie up the wandering seconds Together in the now For when all else bow These ease the pain’s presses.

When time then strokes the whip unseen Gather your friends and foes alike For whither or not time’s rustic hands strike A few moments of grace convene.