plaza de cervantes

The sun rays flashed across her face as she sat waiting in Plaza de Cervantes. Her movements were not hurried. She looked around in bold confidence, taking in the beautiful Spanish summer. A couple of sparrows hovered above the dahlias and the pigeons looking for a twig or two to build a home, flew over.She wasn't carrying a phone, or pretending to listen to music. Her act was one of pure, meditative sitting. No irritation reflected on her facial muscles. No sense of immediacy. I was seated on a bench, next to the rose bushes. I glanced up at the sun kissed sky, bright blue streaked with some cumulus nimbus. Somewhere under the same sky, far away, he must be thinking of me. I peaked a quick glance at her. She was laughing aloud and next to her stood a man, a lover. Her facial muscles were cringed at her mouth and her crow's feet. Happiness has no language, it transcends human pettiness and differences. It unites color and race. In four days, I will be reunited with the man I love and laugh aloud, just the way she did. Happy.