you my eternal sadnessdissolving me to tears flowing down the parched skin reaching the earth below, my mother.

you my eternal pain tearing apart this hub containing bitter, sweet memories of me and you not with me.

you my eternal loneliness robbing me of myself living as if dead, existing rather than being.

you my eternal suffering vexing my mind moving me to insanity, divine madness that conquers all.

you my eternal longing the animal desire pulsating through my veins agonizing the self with torturing ecstasy.

you my eternal loss dreams packed in bundles laid at your feet trampled and stampeded upon.

you my eternal anger fighting over trivial matters agitating and shouting as if i were deaf and dumb.

you my eternal being omnipresent, omniscient present in everyone and me. embodiment of love, conqueror of emotions sadness, pain, loneliness, suffering, longing, loss, anger, merge into you the complete whole center of the universe, the creator, the preserver, the destroyer. you have made me complete and endless. the same you has made me, incomplete and nothing.