nothing new under the sun

the day is quietthe sun bright

I sit in my dissolving room in the accompaniment of the ever whirring fan.

my thoughts surmount from the depths of my inner being I shake them out through cobwebs and dirt accumulated the past couple of years, for fear of standing out and hackling over wanton pleasure, by following the rat race.

this marvelous globe surviving the onset of generations souls ignorant walking the luminous face of scarred earth, through bountiful nature sowing seeds to reap the future.

year after year, the practice continues hand in hand with progress, to climb up the rungs of the great evolution ladder, centuries pass, technologies advance, yet, man remains eternally the same.

the greed, the jealously, self-righteousness, ego, pride, prejudice, brewed for centuries now come in new packages like old wine in a new bottle. time- the illusion drawing into itself a circle of misery, all of us, writhe in pain inside, sins transcend generations.

habits pass on characterized by repetition, oxymorons and the birth of halflings. on the verge of birthing again the earth begins its revenge and as the dinosaurs who disappeared into extinction, we, the humans, shall once succumb to the deadly doings of our own consciousness.

and then no more, we shall be, extinct humanity, gone down the drain.

men, women, children, reduced to ashes, only these particles in dust survive, and as the Old Testament reiterates: "There is nothing new under the sun."