the ant

in the daylight, I sawa red ant tugging at a leaf. it seemed to me, the most absurd thing I ever saw, I laughed aloud.

I shook the sapling in vain pretense of my superiority devil's ego played ditties to show the tiny creature, my enormity.

the ant still continued to tug diligently with earnest persistence as if, it could accomplish the gargantuan task it had set itself.

I pondered awhile. did this act of absurdity remind me of something? ah! my mind stuck a note.

the ant was synonymous to humans who go on hoarding, accumulating, trying for things we can never achieve nor which we ever need.

in that absurdity, everything seems real like the characters in a storybook going on with their vague roles thinking, all's well that ends well.

illusioned minds, laughing at the disillusioned mocking hearts gaping at the hollows, the deep trenches of mire inside the hearts amalgamated down the centuries.

tug on for what will never be yours, surrender to the games of the mind, stay alive and remain bereft of life, remain like the ant I saw in daylight.