The curious case of my rayban aviators

To say I love the aviators is an understatement. I have always wanted to own a pair since I watched Top Gun. See, like Tom Cruise right here. So good, right?


So I began devising a way to get hold of one while growing up. Picture this anorexic girl, boy cut, hair dyed burgundy red, wanting a pair of aviators. My love for basketball added to the charm. And like that I turned 16, out of school and into college. A good time to get aviators, no?

Pester, pester parents. Try to come up with a good reason to get a pair. Manage to score decent enough marks in 12th and all, and I was gifted one. Voila! My first ever pair of aviators. *smack looking good*

Then we decided to do this family trip to Kumarakom, this nice canal town in South Kerala. It was a one day trip, mostly in the outdoors, so I decided to get my aviators along. We reached the town, went around a bit, had some nariyal paani, ate some avial and appam, and then went on a backwater cruise along the Vembanad lake. I had a tattered old camera, you know the one where you take photo and then give the film for developing, wait eternity to get prints, and put it in a photo album, that kind. It was bought when I was 10 years old, and so I was tottering around taking photos of the lake, the swarming coconut trees, the water birds and hyacinth. The boat ride got done, we exited and then I realized my aviators had gone missing. Oops. By now, we had left the boat behind and I began tracing my way back to it. I searched everywhere, behind the bushes, underneath the mat, inside the boat, couldn't find my aviators anywhere. My precious, 2 month old aviators, snatched away from me. Curse the person who found it and kept it.

Zoom in ten years later, imagine ten years without my baby. All I had for company was some crappy Rs. 50 sunglasses bought from commercial street or parklane. By now my stint in Hyderabad was over and I had moved to LA. Time to save up some money and buy aviators again, woohoo. So $100 was saved after about a couple of months and the aviators was bought. My own pair bought with my own money. Brilliant.

Then one day I was in a friend's car going to buy some groceries during an LA summer evening and the unspoken happened. I got out of the car, got home, and realized my glasses weren't with me. Omg, these aviators, these elusive, cunning, vile things. No glasses were found in the car, so I cried thinking it fell out of my bag/hand while getting in and out of the car. Woe be me.

Now comes the difficult question of whether to buy a new aviator or not. I decided against it, too much money, and too much stress thinking I'll lose it again.

A year goes by, uneventfully in terms of sunglasses. and then came a day when I had to move apartments (this calls for another post, altogether). Guess what? Amidst some old bags and piles of paper, miraculously and unceremoniously I find my aviators again! Oh, the joy! Yes, yes, you must be thinking how careless I am, I swear it wasn't there in that bag a year ago :) Pretty sure Santa came and hid it there on Thanksgiving.

For now, I hold on to my precious aviators like how I hold on to dear life. And sometimes, I wear more than one, because ahem, it is fun. Jai aviator!

p.s. Get one if you don't have one, they make you feel Maverick ;)