great ball of fire hidesin the dusky clouds of june the earth robbed of its gentle share of warmth and sunshine.

the rain comes down like a warlord unleashing his terror upon a meek empire submissive to the dark power.

canals overflow like hearts brimming with love, forming seas of water in the puddled roads through which sail tiny boats of hope.

trees sway and bow down to reverent earth below rather that the father above who send them droplets of nectar.

a joyous feeling 'tis for me underneath my umbrella, to stand cold and numb while the sky cries out all its miseries to replenish itself for a new year ahead.


you my eternal sadnessdissolving me to tears flowing down the parched skin reaching the earth below, my mother.

you my eternal pain tearing apart this hub containing bitter, sweet memories of me and you not with me.

you my eternal loneliness robbing me of myself living as if dead, existing rather than being.

you my eternal suffering vexing my mind moving me to insanity, divine madness that conquers all.

you my eternal longing the animal desire pulsating through my veins agonizing the self with torturing ecstasy.

you my eternal loss dreams packed in bundles laid at your feet trampled and stampeded upon.

you my eternal anger fighting over trivial matters agitating and shouting as if i were deaf and dumb.

you my eternal being omnipresent, omniscient present in everyone and me. embodiment of love, conqueror of emotions sadness, pain, loneliness, suffering, longing, loss, anger, merge into you the complete whole center of the universe, the creator, the preserver, the destroyer. you have made me complete and endless. the same you has made me, incomplete and nothing.


dreams like mosquito bites

dreams like mosquito bites gliding like sugar coated pills delusion covers the mist hallucinating elephants and water. in an array of questions, the mind some known, others unknown estranged in a world bereft of meaning. helpless, crying out loud the sound doesn’t reach vacuum engulfs far nothing shall be heard. utter emptiness sinks in like a sky without stars or the setting sun smiling, mocking the stage the curtains rising now. actors mute, poised equality in masks of perfection men and women don false characters, their laughter hollow, eyes dry, dull, and deceptive. a vagueness surmounts and, the drama begins

switch on....

waiting for the off button the ant crawled across the terminal slowly in no hurry to reach the destination (only it knows where)

shaking its tiny head at the absurdity. the matrix fooling us a fallen lot with no escape. hiding behind terms coined jargon and gobbledygook. a toll to be paid for foolishness of the highest order haphazard imagery. experience is boiling on the stove

the stew is ready waiting to be served hold out your dish, everyone...

Alcalá de Henares

20130920-091728.jpg "In the sky there is nobody asleep. Nobody, nobody. Nobody is asleep. The creatures of the moon sniff and prowl about their cabins. The living iguanas will come and bite the men who do not dream, and the man who rushes out with his spirit broken will meet on the street corner the unbelievable alligator quiet beneath the tender protest of the stars." - Federico García Lorca

the mortal dead

No, by all means stayI cannot bear to see you Walk out of the citadel Lay bare my weaknesses On the altar of the pointing finger. You will leave behind A thirsting heart A morose, living dead There will be no after; The past will succumb Into memories, A little strewn here, A few photos there.

I may not have been kind, Or, even given you The last drop of water To satiate the longing I may not have been warm, Accepting you For your creases, Yet, know You will forever be my Favourite corner In the broken alley Which now lie scattered Alongside the graves of The mortal dead.